October Lines

by A Broken Frame

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"A Broken Frame is a project devised, created and perpetrated by musical experimentalist Zube Sultana; more reminiscent of 70's Krautrock, Kraftwerk in particular, than contemporary electro, Sultana blends programming, geetars and vox to form a fairly industrial and heady sounding modernistic melee.

This rather strange but somewhat absorbing EP, 'October Lines', is made up mainly of throbbing bass lines and pointed percussion which are underpinned with searing guitars which themselves are then further augmented by a multitude of experimental 'programmed' sounds to result in a pleasantly surprising tapestry of sounds which vary from the blatantly stark to the richly warm. It's more of a rock-machine trip than it is an electro-dazzle.

Sultana is clearly heavily motivated by extremes of sound and dynamic juxtaposition but he also, just as clearly, understands how to meld digital, analogue and 'real' sounds without ending up with a musical-car-crash scenario. And, considering Sultana's penchant for musical extremes he actually pulls it off with great aplomb; the five tracks offered within this strangely desirable EP are not actually hypnotic but they sure are intoxicating! Sultana's music, or should that be A Broken Frame's music packs quite a kick without actually over-doing anything in terms of massive statement making, it's all quite subtle yet it's very punchy and rather restfully enjoyable in its originality. He states in his press pack that he put 'more emphasis on texture and dynamics' when recording 'October Lines' and that kinda sums up this work pretty well really.

'October Lines' by A Broken Frame is certainly on the gentler side of the experimental equation; Sultana minimises as he mixes to result in an openly accessible kinda electronic experimentation, the kind that soothes as it heals rather than the sort that cuts swathes through the ether with excessive 'noise' and over-blown digitised harshness. 'October Lines' pretty-much refuses to be pigeonholed actually - it's more industrial than alternative, more ethereal than pure electro and certainly more welcoming and thought provoking than post-rock. 'October Lines' by A Broken Frame requires a certain degree of listener participation and understanding before it really comes home and hits the spot but if you're prepared to let it in and let it develop within you, it's well worth the effort!"

- Toxic Pete (www.toxicpete.co.uk)


released September 27, 2010

Guitars, bass & synths : Zubair Chaudhry




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